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Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:41 pm
by Vontre
The Cards and Castles team is excited to announce our upcoming expansion, THE ARCHANON WAR, set to release in mid-February! Long ago, the evil mage Archanon, Lord of Chaos, was banished beyond the Door of Madness in a great battle, thought to be trapped there forever. But he has somehow returned, and brought chaos once again to the land of Carderia! Archanon's return will feature over 40 cards as well as new content and goodies including:

- A new desert-themed game map!
- New music tracks!
- New spell mechanic REBOUND!
- The release of all previous event cards!
- Many AWESOME new legendary and epic cards with unique new mechanics!

If you can't wait for THE ARCHANON WAR, preorder it now from the shop at a big discount and also get Archanon's lair, the COBRA CASTLE, as an immediate reward!

February Season Reset

Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 7:24 pm
by Vontre
As many of you already know Cards and Castles performs a monthly rank reset for players above 2000 stars. For the February season, we are going to be extending that reset to all players above 1000 stars! We believe this adjustment will help improve queue times for some players and will keep the ladder more vibrant throughout the month. It also presents an opportunity for players to earn more shiny cards as they rank up! In order to keep players of varying skill levels sufficiently separated after the rank reset, each player's new points will be equivalent to 1000 + 30 additional points per rank earned above 10.

We hope you enjoy the February season and the new Archanon War expac launching next month!

Archanon War!

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 2:37 pm
by Vontre
The Archanon War will be launching on February 16th! Official release date! As we prepare the game for the expansion release, some client builds may be getting our new music early. Enjoy!

New Archanon War Preorder!

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:48 am
by Vontre
We've just updated the store with a new preorder bundle: this bundle is cheaper and smaller than the previous bundle, but also has a smaller discount. The Archanon War launches on Thursday, February 16th! We've also posted a preview and patch notes here: ... r_preview/

Welcome to the Archanon War!

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:05 am
by Vontre
It's finally here, and we hope everyone is excited to play The Archanon War as we are! For this card set, the team focused on delivering a lower number of high quality cards with really exciting, new and unique abilities. We have a minion that can grab far away enemies with a hook, one that can activate the LAST WILL effects of other minions on the board, and of course the Chaos Lord himself, Archanon, whose ability can create madness that was never before possible!

This expansion also includes a balance patch as you might expect, whose notes are detailed here: ... r_preview/

There are several ways to collect the Archanon War cards!

1) FOR FREE! All players who log in during the first two weeks of the expansion will get SEVEN Archanon War card packs for no reason at all!

2) From the shop! Archanon War card packs are available in the shop for 300 silver (we do not plan to offer a CP version of the pack before another expansion release).

3) From tournaments! Each tournament has a small chance of rewarding an Archanon War or Age of Dragons pack instead of a Standard Pack.

4) Crafting! All Archanon War cards are available immediately for crafting at the usual prices!

Some other updates:

- The Monster Island set has been renamed the Standard Set, and is not the standard card set for all players. It contains the large bulwark of cards for the game and it's recommend for new players to work on their standard collection first to unlock many staple cards for various deck archetypes.

- We've added a new item to the shop, the BLACK MARKET PACK. Why is it a black market pack? While most packs normally cost 300 silver or equivalent in CP, this pack comes at a hefty discount; costing only 200 silver! HOWEVER, it can only be purchased once per day. The pack has equivalent drop rates to other card packs and is an excellent way to earn cards slowly over time!

Introducing New Tournament Events!

Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:08 am
by Vontre
Today we've launched our new Tournament Event formats, a new way to play the game! Each week, tournament mode will have a different set of basic rules. These variations are usually not too zany, and instead explore simple ways to play the game differently. This week's event is RAINBOW DRAFT, which allows players to draft cards from all 5 factions for their deck! This tournament event is also FREE, but consequently has far smaller rewards (about on par with winning an equivalent number of ranked games). Each week's event can potentially have different pricing, introduce new rules or game modes and can include constructed formats as well as drafting!

AoE Damage Patch

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:32 pm
by Vontre
Hey everyone, we've been keeping an eye on the role of aoe damage spell cards in the game and have decided the game would be more fun and strategic if some of these cards were less potent and widely used. We've redone our aoe damage formula, as well as touched up a few outlier cards that are showing up a little too often, and will be patching the following card changes shortly:

ICE BLAST - Cost increased to 7.

CANNONBALL BARRAGE - Cost increased to 7.

DAGGERSTORM - Cost increased to 3.

DRAGON'S FIRE - Damage reduced to 3.

SUNBURST - Cost increased to 2.

ACOLYTE - HP reduced to 2.

MASTER THIEF - Attack reduced to 3.

That is all!

Hero Tournament Hotfix Patch

Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:45 am
by Vontre
Due to player feedback we've decided to hotfix the hero abilities in this week's tournament mode. Kurou (hero mode) has has his movement reduced from 3 to 2. We've also tweaked up Headmaster Sarus (hero mode) a bit by increasing his range from 4 to 5. We'll be keeping an eye on Hero Mode balance and may return to these mechanics in the future, but for now we think this will help address some of the glaring issues with the new format. Thanks for understanding!

April Balance Patch

Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:00 am
by Vontre
Hello everyone, we've just deployed a balance patch designed to address some of the player feedback we've gotten about the current high-level meta. Enjoy!

ZOMBIE - HP has been reduced to 2.

SHIP OF THE DAMNED - Cost increased to 3.

SACRIFICIAL ALTAR - HP reduced to 2.

SOUTHPORT CAPTAIN - Stats changed to 2/3 with 2 movement, gold initiative reduced to 2.

COMBUSTION - Cost increased to 5.

ICE BLAST - Cost reduced to 6.

New Feature and Balance!

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:21 pm
by Vontre

NEW GAMEPLAY FEATURE: Randomly generated cards are now also revealed to your opponent! We believe this will make the game feel less random and more strategic, giving players the chance to demonstrate their skills by remembering and planning for randomly generated cards.

ELVISH ARCHER - Stats changed to 2/4.

SWIFT JUSTICE - Cost increased to 4.

- To better reflect their availability in the game, the shard values of common and rare cards have been changed. Commons are now worth significantly less and rares are worth significantly more.

- Players no longer earn the periodic 100 CP reward from multiple wins. This reward was unclear as an incentive to play and created difficulties in balancing the economy between active and less active players.

- To help new players get into the game, we are allowing standard-set cards to be crafted at half price for a limited time!