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Tournament and Minor Updates

Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2016 9:43 pm
by Vontre
Hey everyone, we have a few small updates. First off, we've observed that Tournament mode queue times can be pretty rough at higher win percentages, so we've switched the event schedule to Saturday only tournaments. We've also switched up the event prize table, so log in Saturday to find out what you can win!

We've also tweaked a few basic cards for the following reasons:

GUARDIAN: We realized this is the same card as Berserker, but without the knockback. This was a small oversight making these cards so similar, so we've increased Guardian's HP to 7.

DEMON HUNTER: This card is a little too good at applying damage directly from the hand and simultaneously creating board pressure, so we've reduced its efficacy slightly. Initiative attack and HP were both reduced by 1.

That's all!

Patch 3.2 Now Live!

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:38 pm
by Vontre
Hey everyone, we've just posted a significant update to the game and crafting systems! Extensive patch notes have been posted to our Reddit page, which you can read here by clicking here! ... _patch_32/

CP To Shard Conversion

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 11:13 am
by Vontre
Hey everyone, we just wanted to point out that if you were saving CP for crafting purposes before 3.2 you have no reason to be upset. You have the option to spend the CP on card packs at any time you want, and the average value of shards gained from disenchanting a full pack of cards is worth at least as much as the previous crafting values! For example if you have 20,000 CP you wanted to use for a legendary, you can buy 20 card packs right now, disenchant all the cards, craft your legendary, and still have extra cards left over! The patch is a great value for everyone and we hope you all enjoy the new crafting system!

King Crab Hotfix

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 7:29 pm
by Vontre
Later this evening we will be deploying a quick followup to the 3.2 patch, mostly to give the King Crab a more distinct role. We feel this card is really powerful in basically any deck using pirates, and could use a more interesting design. We will be setting recently changed status on this and any other cards we adjust, so if the King Crab no longer fits in your deck you can exchange him for a different legendary!

- KING CRAB: Stats changed to 7/4 and is now classified as a MONSTER.

- ICE BLAST: Cost increased to 5g.

This update will be deployed in about an hour, so get ready!

Upcoming Hotfixes

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:44 pm
by Vontre
We wanted the playerbase to be aware that we've been keeping a close eye on the situation with greed decks, and will be posting a hotfix tomorrow night (that's Thursday) designed to address the situation. While normally we would wait a longer time between patches, we are taking this action quickly because we don't believe the experience with Greed decks is fun or healthy for the gameplay meta overall. Our hotfix WILL come with the ability to disenchant any changed cards for full value!

Also, we will be rotating some new pre-constructed decks into the store as well! The current 3 decks will be rotated out and some new options will be made available. We will post again when the hotfix and new decks are live. Thank you for your understanding!

Hotfixes Imminent!

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 7:20 pm
by Vontre
We're going to deploy the promised balance patch in a few minutes, along with adding some new decks to the shop! Check out the new Knight, Focus and Rat themed decks and pick up a few legendaries if you want to buy one!

And now the main event... PATCH NOTES!! Remember if you do not like the new version of these cards, you have 1 week to disenchant them for full value!

- RAGNAR THE PILLAGER: This card has been redone. 10g: 4/10 with CHAIN LIGHTING (4). Renamed RAGNAR THE STORM KING

- MERCHANT'S ESTATE: Cost increased to 2.

- SALAHAR SOLDIER: HP reduced to 4.

- TALIBOS: Ability changed to GREED: Heal for 1.

- SOUTHPORT CAPTAIN: Stats changed to 1/3. Initiative gold increased to 3.

- PLEA OF THE RIGHTEOUS: Bonus reduced to +1/+2.

- LAST STAND: Bonus reduced to +2/+4.

- EYE OF DOMINION: Now 3g. Changed to a normally placed tower as a 7/5 with SLUGGISH and Cannot retaliate.

- SALAHAR RIDER: HP increased to 4.

Deck Rotations!

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 9:56 am
by Vontre
A bit of late notice, but we will be rotating new decks into the shop later today! If you wanted the current decks, please get them now before they are rotated out. Thanks!

New Decks Available!

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 8:46 pm
by Vontre
Hey everyone, we have 3 new decks available in the shop! Check them out if you'd like to pick up a new deck idea or pull a few legendary cards!

October Patch Incoming, Plus Decks Rotation

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2016 3:57 pm
by Vontre
Hey everyone, we've got a couple of exciting things coming up! First off, we are going to be doing a soft rank reset on October 1st, starting a new ranking season! The new season will feature a minor balance patch designed to address some interactions in the game that feel broken or unfair. We are also rolling out new card tech into the client that will allow for the direct summoning of random units! Below are the patch notes for the upcoming changes:

- ONE-EYED MADDY: Ability upgraded to INITIATIVE: Summon a random mage. (Originally draw a random mage).

- CALL TO WAR: Changed to 2g: Summon a random unit costing (3) or less. (Originally draw 2 random units)


- DRAGON'S HOARD: This card will be redesigned due to continued potential for abuse by gold generating cards. It is now 3g: Add a random unit costing (3) or less and a random spell costing (2) or less to your hand, and Gain 1 gold.

- WOETEN: LAST WILL effect will be removed. We feel that the stats and combos on this card make it strong enough on its own, and players generally don't like having to face the same card over and over.

- FENRIR: Attack will be reduced to 5.

- DEFLECTING SHIELD: Cost will increase to 5g.

- RALLY THE TOWN: Because of the new summon tech, peasants created by Rally the Town will also summon their rat companions. To account for this, the number of peasants summoned will be reduced to 2.

We will also be rotating a few new decks into the store tonight. We hope everyone is looking forward to the new patch and ranking season!

New Season and Rankings Tweaks

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 12:33 pm
by Vontre
As posted previously, we'll be starting a new ranking season in a few days on October 1st. We'll be making some notable improvements at that time that we think everyone will enjoy!

First off, we're going to standardize badge levels so there is a new level every 100 points. The total number of star points is not changing, so there will now be a total of 30 badge levels instead of 20! Each badge level will give a small reward just like before, so this means more opportunity to earn rewards.

Next, we're setting up an important threshold at 2000 points. Every player with 2000 points or more will have their rank reset on the 1st of each month, back to roughly 2000 points, and earn a random Castle. After the reset, the player's badge level will be synced to their new point total and they will have the opportunity to earn badge level rewards again. This system is aimed at giving our most hardcore players a way to continue earning rewards through ranked play over the long term. Players below 2000 points will not be affected at all by the monthly resets until they break the 2000 point threshold. It will also be very slightly easier to rank up for players in the 1000-2000 point bracket.

We hope everyone enjoys these updates and is excited for the October season and minor balance patch!

One more note: due to a client issue, the ranking reset popup for some players may have outdated text. Please refer to this post or our discord or reddit communities for correct information on the ranking reset. Thank you!